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is a communication platform between explorers, trekkers & travelers and their family, friends, sponsors, agencies and the rest of the world. All parties can post & search for relevant information on exploration, expeditions, treks & travels – online with any computer or – mobile with your 3G mobile phone – in real time.

To write home is the old cliché and seen by many as a drag. But in fact it is fun, it entertains, it makes you stop for a moment - pause - and remember. With your travel postings all your friends, family, colleagues and countless others will get a view of the world through you. There are wonderful guidebooks, but the first hand account is still far better to get a feel of any place.

It does not matter if you want to climb Everest, run for the beach or take the kids to Disneyland. We are all explorers and travelers – and all of us have a story to tell. will give you the chance to browse through a big variety of destinations, trips, and expeditions.

In the old days explorers, were away for years, draped in silence, mystery and an agonizing solitude for their families, but that was then - in the 21st century - there is no excuse not to keep the folks home posted.

With your trip can be shared with everybody - every day or just now and then. Your friends, family and fellow explorers take part in your trip and we promise you, it is much better to come home to friends and family who know what you have experienced. If you regularly note things down, chances are that you will be left with a vastly fuller picture of what you have been through.

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