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was founded by Roland and Lars out of the experience that every exploration, every expedition, every trip will one day come to an end - what is left is the memory and a story to tell. We are incredibly privileged to travel and realize our own dreams but as the days reluctantly return towards normal, can capture the spirit - so one can travel a little bit - ALL the time.

Roland is from Germany, has lived, traveled, competed, ran, skied and driven to wherever his heart has urged him to go. It has taken him deep through the Sahara dessert both in sneakers and in a car, and criss-crossing Asia and the Americas. He has skied across the world’s largest island, Greenland, - and also on skis - he man hauled all his lot “unsupported” to the very South Pole. He is a businessman, but originally a designer, is married with two kids, still travels, but works too much - far too much!

Lars is a Norwegian and was – as all Norwegians - born on skies. He is one of the very few who have not only visited all the continents on our planet - but also backpacked, trekked, bicycled, skied, paddled, sailed, inter-railed and hitchhiked through them, over them and across them for many, many, many, years. Since the beginning of the nineties he has been a regular on Greenland crossings with pulka or with dogsled. Also, he has been lucky enough to savoir both the Arctic and Antarctic. In ‘94 he helped a handicapped friend reach the South Pole “unarmed” and “unsupported”. Educated as a graphic designer, travel was the hobby that got the better of him, to the extent that he started an adventure- and expedition agency called Hvitserk. He is married (at last) and they have just got twins! AND they even have a dog! His name – Shackleton...

Where did Roland and Lars meet? They crossed Greenland together -575 km from west to east, in the footsteps of the late explorer Fritjof Nansen. Now, together they go one step further. They believe that with even more people will find themselves a dream, a challenge, an escape or a hideout.

If you join you will help and entertain your folks at home and all those out there dreaming.

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