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Our 5 Favorite Animal Videos of the Summer

Why D.C. Is the New Hub for U.S. Ivory Sales

As states impose their own bans on ivory to help save elephants, it appears the market is simply shifting to other spots.

Heavier Rainfall Will Increase Water Pollution in Future

Living Descendants of Biblical Canaanites Identified Via DNA

What We Can Learn From This Ancient ?Lunchbox?

An Ex-Monk's Advice on How to Follow Your True Path

Devastating Wildfire Can Be Seen From Space

Videos Reveal the Power of Dams?and Dam Removal

Watch a Rat Escape a Snake Attack?In 100 Milliseconds

Rare Megamouth Shark Captured on Video

Wild Rabbits Ride Sheep to Escape Floods

Historic Shipwreck Transformed Into Thriving Marine Refuge

Why This Young Hawk Thinks It?s an Eagle

Plastic Garbage Patch Bigger Than Mexico Found in Pacific

Watch a Tiny Blue Shark Dominate a 15-Foot Mako

Sea World?s Last Captive-Born Baby Orca Dies

Conjoined Bat Twins Found in Brazilian Forest

See the Abandoned WWII Base on Greenland Leaking Toxic Waste

Water Found Deep Inside the Moon-- Get the Facts

The Strange Quest to Catch a Massive Greenland Shark

Inside the Strange World of Slug Sex and Slime

First Look Inside Fukushima Reactor Revealed

See Why Goats Are Some of the Quirkiest Animals

Watch: Divers Stumble Across a Super-Long Sea Cucumber

See the Stunning Waterfalls Created by Historic Floods

Human Arrival In Australia Pushed Back 18,000 Years

Massive Two-Ton Fish Species Discovered

Elephant Seals Recognize Their Rivals? Voices?Hear Their Calls

Cecil the Lion's Son Xanda Also Killed by Trophy Hunter

Video Shows Sinkhole Swallowing Florida Homes

Bears Are Being Milked for Bile. Vietnam Pledges to Rescue Them.

Why Are Dogs So Friendly? Science Finally Has an Answer

A Whopping 91% of Plastic Isn't Recycled

Watch: Seal Pup Rescued From Fishing Nets

Bodies Missing for 75 Years Found?Thanks to Melting Glacier

Boy Found Million-Year-Old Fossil by Tripping Over It

These Sharks Feed in a Surprising Way

Actually, You Could Have Outrun a T. rex

Why This Goat ?Vandalized? an Office

Despite Ban, Rhino Horn Flooding Black Markets Across China

The country is pledged to end the trade in elephant ivory this year, but will it take steps to help save rhinos?

What?s the answer to a sustainable future? We are.

Why These Dolphins Behead Their Prey

Flyover Video Reveals Pluto?s Bizarre Terrain

Watch This Curious Puffin Befriend a Tourist

Watch: Dramatic Rescues Show Intensity of China?s Deadly Floods

Now Scientists Can Accurately Guess The Speed Of Any Animal

This Rare Medical Condition Makes You Love Everyone

Our Antarctica Maps Show the Larsen Ice Shelf's Stunning Decades-Long Decline

Watch a Mysterious Worm With an Anus for a Mouth

A Twist in the Drive to Pave Roads With Solar Panels

'Slime Eels' Explode on Highway After Bizarre Traffic Accident

Raccoon Gives Birth in the Backseat of a Camaro

Fisherman Dies Moments After Saving Entangled Whale

These 'Indestructible' Animals Would Survive a Planet-Wide Apocalypse

Watch: Lioness Cub Rescued From 80-Foot Well

Brightest 'Star' in the Sky May Soon Be This Russian Satellite

One Electrician's Work Makes a Big Difference at a Hospital for Refugees

First-Ever Photos Show Wild Lion Nursing Leopard Cub

'World's Happiest Animal' Bouncing Back, Thanks to Golf

See Fire Ants Create Towers From Their Own Bodies

Watch: Elephant Rescued After Being Swept Out to Sea

We Knew Ravens Are Smart. But Not This Smart

'Mountain of God' Volcano Preparing to Erupt

200 Environmentalists Were Murdered Last Year

21 Captivating Pictures of Places Worth Protecting

If These Photos Disgust You, You May Have Trypophobia

Spectacular Pictures Show Jupiter?s Great Red Spot Up Close

Rare Video Captures Never-Before-Seen Whale Behavior

Surreal Cases of Bodies Exhumed for Science

Sea Level Rise Will Flood Hundreds of Cities in the Near Future

Chinese Youth Embrace New Attitudes Toward Pets and Wildlife

A growing awareness of animal protection?and city-dwellers' newfound love of dogs?is changing attitudes toward ivory and other wildlife products.

Watch Baboon Spiders Mate in Rare Video

Why Manta Rays Swim in Mesmerizing Circles

Amelia Earhart 'Lost Photograph' Discredited

Text by 'Father of Medicine' Found in Remote Egyptian Monastery

Why a Warming Arctic May Be Causing Colder U.S. Winters

See the Amazing Kids' Maps That Won a Global Contest

Why a Bear Attacked a Teen In His Sleep

Underwater 'Spider' Breathes Through Its Legs

Plants Can Turn Caterpillars Into Cannibals to Avoid Getting Eaten

We Could Resurrect the Woolly Mammoth. Here's How.

Why Animals Get Gray Hair, Too

How Air Pollution Is Being Turned Into Ink

Forensic Dogs Locate Spot Where Amelia Earhart May Have Died

This Year-Long Video of a Tree Is Surprisingly Action-Packed

New Tunnel Discovered Under Ancient Pyramid

Startling Video Shows a Big Bear Charging at a Car

How Lizard Genitalia Became a Black Market Craze

The trade involves reptiles, plant roots, and unsuspecting customers.

How Tiny Planes Could Revolutionize Health Care

Sex, Death, and Pollination: How the Moon Changes Life on Earth

Orcas Feast on Whale in Shocking Raw Video

Giraffes Seen Feasting on Skeleton?Here's Why

A Thriving Ecosystem Is Hiding Underneath Greenland?s Ice Caps

Lost Baby Wildebeest Thinks Cars Are Its Herd

Native Americans Sue Frackers Over Manmade Earthquakes

Top 3 Theories for Amelia Earhart's Disappearance

Charming 19th-Century Atlases Were the Facebook of Their Day

CSI Tools Bring a Mummy's Face to Life

This Rescued Bald Eagle Is a Survivor?and So Is the Species

Two Years After Cecil the Lion's Death, His Home Sees More Bloodshed