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christian posted on 27 Dec 2008, 08:59 GMT


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The Twin Otter touched down in Thiel Mountains to refuel at the fuel depot ALE has build up there. That gave time for some thoughts.
The day had started with a wakup call at 04:00 their time! Somewhat eager to bag this Pole may have been the reason for skipping sleep…
On they went in very nice weather. Even the temperature was at it’s most positive. So they just took it easy. Though getting closer, they tried to be smart and wanted to take a shortcut. – That backfired, as they got into the High Voltage science masts area.
Eventually they fount the correct mast that was the waypoint to turn straight at the Pole, There they were met by a representative from the base and NSF (National Science Foundation).
They found out that the ceremony ball had been changed! The old one was dented by me in 1994 as I raced Cato Zahl Pedersen and Odd Harald Hauge in a dash-race to be the first. It was very embarrassing, so we kept it a secret till today…
After that they got a very impressive tour before being treated to warm drinks and cakes. But they nearly fell asleep, as it was hopelessly hot in the station. On top of that was the floor a big challenge. It did not more and was perfectly flat! It gave them a feeling of being seasick…
But the biggest shock was the stairs. That was just soooo heavy it took their breath away! – So much for being in shape. That the feet could not coordinate and hit the stairs correctly added to the big laugh.
Now they are a very happy lot, and looking forward to seeing all their friends in Patriot.

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