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christian posted on 30 Dec 2008, 12:31 GMT


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Lots of entices flooded in, but no one could beat Ingvild Tvare from Tana in Norway.
Being from Tana may have helped. Being no stranger to snow, ice and harsh conditions he was one of the brave to estimate an early arrival.
The guys arrived at the Pole the 26th of December at 16:30 Chile time and 20:20 Norwegian time. Ingvild’s 17.00 Chilien time won her a Brynje Polar Bug fleece sweater. It has a mesh lining on the inside and apart from being the most cuddly of sweaters, it is shockingly efficent for all sorts of activities outdoor.
The others to win out book ‘Nå er det din Tur’ is:
Rune Bang from Sandvika
Andreas Eide from Oslo
Philippe Rasmussen from Sveits
Erik Heidenreich from Oslo
Bastian Storhaug from Oslo
Congratulations to all! Your prices will be in the post first thing next year. (That did not sound very expedite, but…)

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