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christian posted on 30 Dec 2008, 21:51 GMT


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This evening the wind looks like it is fading. If the trend continues they may get a pickup during the night.
While they keep putting on weight and moving as little as possible, their social training is going very well.
The Brits that came yesterday became instant friends, and the they partied till they all went down. It is no real surprise that British and Norwegian explorers enjoy each others company, we seem to be closer than it looks on the map.
If you reading this have been bitten by the Polar bug and would like to continue, we cam warmly recommend the best expedition website on earth: That way you can dream on the ever!
The guys also would like to thank all those who have sent them messages and greetings. That has been greatly appreciated.
A special mention in that respect must go to Christian’s father who must be crowned the ‘The Polar Bug King’. His enthusiasm is unrivalled, and must have gives his son, ‘Christian-the Black-sheep’ super strength.
Another special mention goes to Bibbi who sent a chocolate cake that has blown their minds. It alone has stopped them from loosing as much weight as they normally would.
Then Papz sends his proudest greetings and hugs to Marte jus graduated to blue belt in judo.
Maybe they will get out of Antarctica tomorrow? Hang on.

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