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Explorers-News posted on 06 Dec 2011, 12:48 GMT

Day 7 - Hot and Cold

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On Ice




2760 m above sea level

Partly Cloudy


-85.5860 / -169.0620

Saturday morning / Day 7: One week in and the Antarctic Plateau showed itís hand. Bitterly cold, a constant icing drift and breath taking altitude.

But it started in sunny and no wind, only to change after one hour. On top of it all, an icy haze things worse and made it hard to keep the body temperature up. They really had to work for their survival today.

But they skied fast, maybe too fast, and covered impressive 29km in 9 stints. That was very surprising, but mean they were tired by days end. A few even felt the altitude (read slight altitude sickness) kick in, which is normal. All the other expeditions in the area have hit a wall of varying sizes.

But the spirit is very high, and our seven friends savour having started on the real thing, the monotonous skiing that is the polar life others can no graspÖ

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