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Explorers-News posted on 06 Dec 2011, 12:49 GMT

Day 8 - A Great Day

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On Ice




2760 m above sea level

Partly Cloudy


-85.5860 / -169.0620

Sunday morning / Day 8: They are getting well into their strides. Routines are nailed, the rhythm is set, the willingness to work is great. And the altitude is letting go. Linn, having been in the last category was her happy self again today, so now the trip can start for real!

The day was ‘King’! Still cold (-30°C), but the wind was not too bad and they could even feel the sun on their backs! Very good work today got them 28,8km closer to the Pole. But the next 2-3 days look like being windy and due to that very, very cold, so they may cut down to 6 stints in stead of 8 not to risk anything. The more tired you are at the end of the day the easier it is to get the chill and make mistakes.

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