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Explorers-News posted on 08 Dec 2011, 23:00 GMT

Day 11 - a piece of cake

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On Ice



25 km  

2760 m above sea level



-85.5860 / -169.0620

Wednesday / Day 11: What is the biggest cake on Earth? Antarctica! Today Christian celebrated his 36th birthday by being in the middle of the cake. His teammates acting as candles and colourful decor, all wrapped in different colours and outfits from Bergans, Rab, Mountain Equipment, Arcteryx and Sir Joseph – the inner wrapping a bit more standard: Brynje.

But we have a sneaking feeling his best gift was hitting 30+km again as the group performed super well on a very changing day: wind, snow showers and white-out, but things breaking up spectacularly in the evening. The temperature were a sweltering -14°C, the wind coming from the side and later halfway from behind! Can you beat that as a surprise gift when you are in Antarctica?

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