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Explorers-News posted on 11 Dec 2011, 21:27 GMT

Day 13 - Hot and Hilly

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On Ice



32 km  

3050 m above sea level

Partly Cloudy


-87.1295 / -176.3077

Friday / Day 12+1: It looked a bit scary with the day 13 ......we just do not take chances......Anyway, the day was another stunner. They had to pinch themselves to realise they are in Antarctica. It felt like -5°C as no wind made for the day feeling too hot for the work they are doing. Especially as they came across a ‘hill’ taking them up 60m in one go! But then these plains are not as plane as one could wish as an explorer pulling a heavy sledge. It is big, long rolls all the way, and today they came to one rolling more than the others. But, even though it was hard work, it made for a good change and great view from the top. Checking the temperature they found it closer to -20° which was a surprise. But the radiation is phenomenal, and last night they slept badly as the conditions made the tents like small ovens and much to hot for the extreme sleeping bags. The day was hard as they all lacked a bit of sleep, they climbed 150m covering 30.7km camping at 3050m. Greeting: Trond sends his greetings to Eirik, Torstein and Brage. I have the greatest time, even though the terrain pretty much flat and no mountains in view.

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