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Explorers-News posted on 12 Dec 2011, 22:05 GMT

Day 15 - No news is good news!

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On Ice



30 km  

3140 m above sea level



-87.1295 / -176.3077

Sunday / Day 15: It was business as usual, and nothing really happened. That is such a bliss when you are out there. Even though the body has to do a formidable job the brain is equally taxed. Everybody who thinks they are just lolling around like broilers are terribly mistaken. With nothing to rest your eyes on and 100 small things to concentrate on a trip like this s a mind game like nothing else. So a day that goes 100% as planned is a real gift.

They will have been very happy to have endured another day in -32°C, a bit of headwind, some sun and very slow snow (it is like pulling a sledge on the beach…)., doing 30,4km reaching an altitude of 3148m with just 232km left to the Pole. It may even go a bit down after this?

Of other things to report is that Teo tried to wash his backpack. It was no success. It became a lump of ice – and no cleaner. His partner in crime, Rory, has for his part been interviewed by a British Newspaper (believed to the Times) and being asked how it was for a Brit to join Norwegians for the South Pole? – The response will follow later…

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