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Explorers-News posted on 18 Dec 2011, 01:26 GMT

Day 17 +18 - last degree

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On Ice



1 km  

3000 m above sea level



-87.1200 / -176.3000

Thursday / Day 17+18: The last couple of days have been very good. 31,1km and 32,3km in very good conditions. They are in a favourable weather window and maximizing it. Not that they are pushing, just enjoying and letting the skis run as effortless as they can. Their main concern is to arrive at the Pole in the best possible shape. – 1140km is waiting and the push will be then…

Yesterday they had a downhill! A 10m descent in only 1 kilometre! It felt like bliss and they were overjoyed. (– Does not seem like it take a lot to get them over the moon…)

What else? Ottar and Jacob has caught up with them! They are running to a schedule 3-4 hours later, but they have camped together which is great fun. Meet-ups are not what you expect in Antarctica.

They are also into their last degree. Less than 111km to the South Pole feels great and they are now very exited to hit this formidable target in 3-4 days. The party may be over, but to arrive in style and make Amundsen proud will be overwhelming.

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