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Explorers-News posted on 03 Jan 2012, 04:41 GMT


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On Ice




2471 m above sea level



-87.8100 / -82.4540

Monday morning: They did not start the new year with a bang. But, as a Public Holiday, it should maybe be respected?

The weather for the next 2 days look very much better, so we cross our fingers. Yesterday was big chapter in Polar-Kite-Learning. And they hope that they can carry the feeling of the last couple of days over to the days ahead. Then everything went very well, and it is this patience and consistency that they chase.

The day was used for repair and checks to avoid stops. They also found out that they have some 17 days left of food for the 878km. This should be doable, but the strategy is to start walling tomorrow if the wind is against then. A handful of days slow and easy walking will soon add up to kilometres in the bank. The spirit is great, and they are very much intent on reaching

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