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Explorers-News posted on 09 Jan 2012, 11:58 GMT

The race is on

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On Ice



30 km  

1540 m above sea level



-85.9482 / -81.5840

Sunday morning. The last 2 days have been absolutely Antarctic stunners. Not so cold, cloudless and windless. Perfect for skiing. Not perfect for sailing. Or, nor chance of sailing. So the walked, and it looks like the same tomorrow.

Yesterday Jacob and Teo was a bit over enthusiastic and tried the big kite. It looked promising so the others left. But after a while the gave up and had to walk, pulling extra weight the others had left them. The others made camp, and planned to go back and meet them, but think the guys came into camp before that – luckily with their usual smiles intact.

Again on Saturday it was walking that counted. They do about 32-33km a day. Like clockwork. The distance is good, but comes without pushing. They are now in the situation that they have some 10 days of food and 575km left. The walking will not get them there in time, but progress is essential. So they walk 30+km, that comes fairly easy and do not take any strength or smiles out of them. This way they stay strong and happy and have big reserves ready for the day the wind arrives. – But it is getting interesting. Rations are down to a minimum and if they get stuck at Hercules they may be ready for an eating extravaganza…

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