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ice-walk posted on 19 Nov 2012, 14:02 GMT

Roland has left for Antarctica

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Monday 19th November / Punta Arenas Airport: At 13:07 the final text message ticked in: On the plane already, unbelievableÖ will call from Union Glacier!
A few minutes later the huge Ilyushin IL76 thundered off and headed towards Tierra del Fuego, the Drake Sound and Antarctica. The departure was rushed forward somewhat as a weather window opened up and had to be taken advantage of. No one flies into Antarctica with itís total lack of infrastructure without being 100% sure the weather will not turn against them.
For a week now Roland has been in Punta Arenas doing the final preparations (among them packing 360 bags of food measured to the gram) on a project that has gone on for the best part of three years. Roland has approached this impossible dream in his usual detailed fashion. No stone has been unturned as training, understanding, risk-evaluation and experience has been enhanced to give himself the best possible chance. No one has done what he sets out to do, but he is not going the let himself down by not giving it his best shot. He fell in love with Antarctica in 2005 and itís ruthless way of challenging man. This is his dream. Letís all cross our fingers and wish him the best of luck.
We will follow him on a daily basis. Stay tuned!

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