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ice-walk posted on 20 Nov 2012, 00:49 GMT


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Monday 19th November / Union Glacier: After four and a half hours did the pilots the smoothest landing Roland had ever experienced (and that says a bit…). He marvelled, and as everybody poured out of the hatch opening of the huge cargo plain (no business class) they was greeted by perfect weather, no wind, minus 17 °C ad the highest and bluest sky ever. He was like a kid.
As was all the others. Though, of a full plane he was the only skier. Only the extreme skiers start this early, most other wait for the ‘real summer’ closer to Christmas.
After having gotten all his equipment he was transported over to the camp some 8 km away. There he has to get ready as soon as possible and be stand-by. Later today he will have a meeting with the weather-guru Marc and the operation officer to plane the next stage; the flying out to the starting / drop-off point. Tomorrow we will learn when that will be.

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