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ice-walk posted on 21 Nov 2012, 20:32 GMT

Still in Union Glacier

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Wednesday 20th November, Union Glacier, Antarctica: After all the packing and preparations in Punta Arenas, and the sudden departure for Antarctica, Roland was really starved for sleep arriving in Antarctica. So after a getting his tent up, checking his stuff from the plane and a quick meeting with the Operational Manager in the camp, he went to bed in his small tent ? and slept like a baby.
It was a changed, happy and rested Roland that crawled out the next morning, but any hopes of the quick departure for the drop-off point was dashes as clouds were building up. But that was swiftly turned around to something positive, and he did several runs to test out his equipment and feel the sledge. For every run he upended the weight of the sledge ? and by the end of the day had the full 130kg in tow. I was heavy.
Very heavy!
But the weight being the equivalent of pulling his hole family, wife and kids, along it was not really a surprise? And normally it always take a while to get mind over matter and get the rhythm.
So no flight Tuesday. And even though Wednesday turned out great again, there were a few fights in line before him, so everything pointed towards Thursday. Time to rest ? and rest.

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