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ice-walk posted on 27 Nov 2012, 19:42 GMT

Wind picking up

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On Ice



12 km  

298 m above sea level


Foundation Glacier Antarctica

-82.5637 / -65.5018

Day 3, Monday 25th Nov: The sun is still out in force. The snow is still soft. The wind was still absent in the morning, but picked up during the day. That made the work a bit easier at the ice cold draft from the higher Polar Plateau cooled things down.
Wind is something one rarely lack in Antarctica, and we will for sure have too much of it later on, but the katabatic draft felt good today.
Roland continued doing 10 times 30 minutes and clocked 12,6km. The short stints between every little break is for several reasons: 1 - It is early going and he does not want to strain anything it takes time to get used to this. 2 The soft snow makes the sledge sink into the snow and makes it double hard to pull, had he had a teammate or two they would have swapped being in front maybe as often as every 15 minutes to lessen the strain of breaking a trail. Now he has to do all the work himself making 30 minutes more than enough. 3 The warm weather (-17C) with now wind makes you sweat a lot pulling 130kg. Dehydrating is a very real treat, so water has to go in often and in big quantities.
Luckily the terrain is relatively flat rolling lazily upwards. He only climbed 70 metres today which must have been a relief.

PS: the photo today was sent us from Wendelin Lauxen who met Roland in Union Glacier. He was there for the South Pole Marathon!

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