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ice-walk posted on 01 Dec 2012, 08:16 GMT

Twin Days

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On Ice



34 km  

469 m above sea level

Thick Cloud Cover

Foundation Glacier Antarctica

-82.8996 / -68.9941

Day 5 & 6, Thursday 29th Nov: Wednesday dawned very much like the day before. Very low clouds made for almost white-out and very difficult visibility. It was impossible to see the ground and that makes for a lot of imbalance. Another ting was the wind was down again and he sweated a lot. But he did 17,5 km in his now usual12 stints of 30 minutes and was pleased with that.
Thursday was same same but different. He walked less than 300 meters shorter than yesterday but the challenge differed. During the morning the clouds gave way for the sun and a distinct breeze swept down from the plateau. This made the day very cold, but the surface changes. He came into an area where the soft snow was gradually changed into harder surface (very good) but with en uneven surface with mini sastrugies (hard bumps created by the winter storms). ? This meant the workout was tough, and, he had to laugh, the sun and good visibility meant he could really see how much uphill he was going. He gains about 80 metres a day in a rolling landscape. ? But the South Pole is on 2.800 metres?

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