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ice-walk posted on 02 Dec 2012, 08:30 GMT


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On Ice



17 km  

541 m above sea level

Thick Cloud Cover

Foundation Glacier Antarctica

-83.0135 / -69.8460

Friday 30th Nov: Another beautiful (but sweaty) day in Antarctica. Roland did 17,2km in his usual 6 hours and climbed to 541 metres.
But a few significant facts popped up today: First he concluded his first full week. That is good as this is the danger-week as you as fast as you dear force the body from working in an office till fulltime very hard physical strain. Our first target is always to get through this week without any mishaps of injury. Now we look towards the 10 day mark and the first half or full rest-day.
Secondly he crossed the 83rd parallel. Hurrah, One down! And he has done 102,53km doing his first hundred.
If we break this up it gives 14,6km pr day. This is not nearly good enough looking at the whole picture, but for the start it is very sensible and very good. What is really impressive this early is that he does 2,8km pr hour while walking. Almost 3km/hour is very good. And if his body can get used to the terrible workload it goes trough right now, it is something to build on. The signs now are good. He has getting into a rhythm and is clocking almost identical distanced day by day. That is in fact very impressive as we know his knees and legs are hurting every evening back in the tent as he works feverously to rest, re-energize and ready his body for another beating the next day.

PS Karen (flyfreedom), I have no means of contacting you based on your comment. But I am sure everybody (and me) would love to see the photos and video you took in Union Glacier. (

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