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ice-walk posted on 03 Dec 2012, 10:05 GMT

Stretching the Day

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On Ice



18 km  

584 m above sea level

Thick Cloud Cover

Foundation Glacier Antarctica

-83.1350 / -70.8292

Day 8, Saturday 1st Dec: Roland described the day in Antarctica as ‘very kind’. No clouds. No wind (almost). He even had a few stints in just his undershirt, but had to put the jacked back on. Even the calmest days in Antarctica have this little draft from the polar plateau further south and it carries with it a deep cold that goes to your bones.
He did an extra 30 mutes and duly did 18.8 km getting up to 584 metres. The surface is still very soft between the sastugis, so it was hard work. He is considering taking the first rest day in a day or two. Not only to rest his legs, but also to modify a few things on his sledge and equipment.

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