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ice-walk posted on 04 Dec 2012, 11:01 GMT

First Test

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On Ice



15 km  

648 m above sea level

Thick Cloud Cover

Foundation Glacier Antarctica

-83.2375 / -71.5691

Day 9, Monday 2nd Nov: Well, after the clockwork start to the campaign Roland had his first situation. The day started well, sun and some wind with the same surface as before. But as the day progressed the wind picked up and the snow started to drift. He kept going, keen to see out the day, but as he is on a south-west course to round a dangerous ice-stream the wind hits him from the left in a big angle. In the bumpy sastugies the sledge started to roll a bit too often and he had to throw in the towel after 5 hour.
The wind was by now up quite a bit and it became a real struggle to get the tent up. One of the tent poles broke and ripped one of the pole-channels, so he had to use the sledge as a shelter to mend it before getting the tent up and himself inside. It all took 1 hour.
He was happy to see he could tackle the unforeseen, but a bit annoyed with himself having pushed the envelope it is still early days.
All in all he only did 15,1km ascending to 648m.

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