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ice-walk posted on 05 Dec 2012, 22:57 GMT

New record and a Rest

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On Ice



15 km  

772 m above sea level

Thick Cloud Cover

Foundation Glacier Antarctica

-83.3567 / -72.8019

Day 10 and 11,Tuesday 4th Dec: Two days has passed. Two very different days. Monday dawned (if one can use that word in Antarctica with it’s midnight sun) brilliant. Roland decided to do a few extra stints and he easily did over 20 kilometers. The day was almost windless and again he did several hours in just his undershirt. But the 20Ks did not come for free. He gained almost 125 meters and the area was litters with sastrugi. In the middle of the day the sun softened the snow crust somewhat. Down here the storm create air pockets under the snow, and ever so often the surface gave in and with a boooom he fell through. Even though you only fall a few centimeters, it is a real scare the first times as you know crevasses can be everywhere. But soon he got used to ‘local’ practical joke and soldered on. In camp he was very pleased with having broken the 20 kilometer barrier.
Tuesday became the first rest day. We have indications the wind will pick up from Wednesday on, and he wanted calm to do some strengthening of the tent after the cutting yesterday. So the day was all about resting, repair, rearranging, more resting and enjoying some coffee and extra biscuits.
Tomorrow it is back o the skis. It will be interesting to see if he has managed to reset his legs and body.

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