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ice-walk posted on 09 Dec 2012, 08:10 GMT

Two weeks done

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On Ice



41 km  

1098 m above sea level


Foundation Glacier Antarctica

-83.6737 / -76.5765

Day 13 & 14, Friday 7th Dec: The two days got Roland 20,25 and 20,4 kilometers further in and up to 1098 meters. This brings him over 200 meters up and the cold is starting to become a real factor.
On Thursday the clouds started to move in. It was not too heavy, but with the wind keeping up with some snowdrift it gradually became harder to navigate as well as it became colder. Or rather, the feel became colder. The sun radiates so much energy in Antarctica that it becomes a real factor both when you walk but especially in the tent. Camping in sunny Antarctica can be quite nice with the sun alone warming it up, at least on the sunny side. On the shadow side of the tent it will be freezing.
Through the night the clouds thickened quite a bit, so Friday started really cold with almost no definition. This makes navigation very hard as you have to relay on the compass and cannot use the snow structure or find points far ahead. But at the end of the day the sun came back at least making the evening nice in the tent as he breaked the two week barrier.
The keen reader will see that he is not heading straight south towards the South Pol but is on a more westerly course. This is to get around the Foundation Ice stream. This is a very fat stream with a lots of crevasses and wild ice. Roland is slowly getting as far west as le needs to and will in the next few days slowly

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