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ice-walk posted on 09 Dec 2012, 20:33 GMT

Talking feet

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On Ice



21 km  

1212 m above sea level


Foundation Glacier Antarctica

-83.8061 / -77.0000

Day 15, 8th Dec: A changeable day as he started out in overcast. Then it cleared up before clouds again rolling in late in the day. The good thing is that the surface is now harder with only softer patches. The satrugi fields are coming thick and fast, but apart from one small twist of an ankle he is starting to find a good way of dealing with them.
But the uphill is serious as he climbed to over 1200 meters while doing 20,89km in his usual 7 hours. His feet is standing up well. And truth is, they are the very most important part of his body. Everything goes through the feet while they do an estimated 2 million steps on this journey. Every day he massages his legs and feet. The feet live in vapor barrier socks during the day. On the outside he has super thick socks, so on the inside it is a bath of sweat and moist. The feet loos like your hands after having done dishwashing for 8 hours… So he spoils them in tent and even talk to them. So far they are good friends.

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