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ice-walk posted on 11 Dec 2012, 08:40 GMT


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On Ice



21 km  

1250 m above sea level

Total Whiteout

Foundation Glacier Antarctica

-83.9375 / -78.8413

Day 16, Sunday 9th Dec: It was supposed to be the day for adding 30 minutes walking time, stretching it out a bit. Instead it all became a blindfolded struggle.
From the morning the whiteout was total. For those not knowing what that is: it is like walking in cotton, you see nothing. Actually it is the same as total darkness, but white. You see no contours, no horizon, no ground, no nothing and with that gone the imagination starts playing up as balance is thrown into disarray. And being in a sastrugi field this means walking through an enormous open office area, blindfolded.
Roland struggled on like a drunken sailor, without being able to plan how to attack the sastrugis the sledge rolled regularly and late in the day as fatigue started to set in he had some bad falls. After bruising his hip, he decided this was too risky and camped. The distance 19,3 kilometer.

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