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ice-walk posted on 12 Dec 2012, 10:23 GMT

A terrible day at work

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On Ice



9 km  

1275 m above sea level

Total Whiteout

Foundation Glacier Antarctica

-84.0153 / -79.1320

Day 17, Monday 10th Dec: Well, well, the weather kept on playing hide & seek. Again total whiteout made the day a complete lottery. Not only that, he entered into a sastrugi field that was the roughest he had ever experienced. It was so high and dens he tumbled and fell countless times. Sometime the terrain was so confusing he had to take his skis off and pull the sledge over huge, but invisible obstacles.
It was a farce and soon he changed the target of the day to just getting himself over the 84th degree parallel, which he duly did and then stopped. – So a small hurrah – after all, though he was most happy not t have hurt himself. It was more crawling south on all four rather than ski.
An amusing thing happened though. In the middle of his struggle the fog lifted for a short while and revealed the horizon where he saw 3 specs that seemed like moving. Then it all closed in again. He was stunned and puzzled. Later in the day he saw them again and what looked like a tent too? – As it happened, it was a caterpillar convoy of fuel, food and equipment being shipped south. They too had had to make a halt due to the whiteout and the worst sastrugi they had ever experience on a drive south. That had never happened to them before…
So, the day ended with 9,2km in 4 ½ hours and a longer rest that planned. – All eyes on tomorrow!

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