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ice-walk posted on 01 Jan 2013, 11:18 GMT


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On Ice



55 km  

2090 m above sea level


Polar Plaateau Antarctica

-87.8161 / -80.0560

Day 36, 37 & 38, Monday 31st 2012: The year ebbed out in a frustrating way, and in many ways New Year’s Eve came too early. Conditions, weather and events have added up to Roland being a week after his schedule. An expedition like this, if finally planned and in the very short Antarctic ‘summer’ there are very little to play with if you first have started. Now time has become very tight, - the turning into the New Year came a few days early.
But, with the last three days having been another frustrating stint we all hope 2013 is going to be his lucky number.
Saturday was plainly frustrating as he had several big hills and monstrous sastrugi. He found sastrugi easily more than 3 meters high as it was like going through a sculpture park. It all slowed him down and he ended up on 18,7 km but climbed to 2413mteres.
Sunday he started climbing a hill but after only 2 km ran into serious crevasses. They were 20-40 meters wide and the firs had very loose edges where his ski-pole when though. Very uncomfortable, and it was no option to chance crossing so we he went west. After some hours the crevasses narrowed down and he could again head south at around 80°W. The delight of having cleared the crevasse area was short lived as he ran into a very big sastugi field that lasted the rest of the day. Thus distanced were again way below the expected target and stood at 18,1km, the elevation up a bit to 2471m.
As the New Year beconned, Monday had bore with it good signs. Already the ay before the sastugi were less aggressive towards the end of the day and the rolling ice landscape seemed to easy a bit as the hills as not as steep and big. Again he had camped at the bottom of a hill which is the safest place as the crevasses are open on the top of the hills but jammed together at the bottom. He started out carefully fearing more crevasses but as he neared the top the sastugi started again. The good thing is that then crevasses are no worry as this is like a cement shield. The bad news was that it as another very hard day. Later I the day he scaled another hill to find the sastugi lasted past the horizon. This was after 6 hours and he decided to call it a day and have a little New Year Eve celebration. I do not think he invited anybody…
So, he did 19 kilometers, BUT it was done in only 6 hours ! It was partly through the crevasses being gentler in some areas and he pushed hard. Happy New Year to everyone!

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maurice says :
Please just tell Roland: "Elisabeth and Maurice hold you in the Light", as Quakers use to say in such challenging situations.
And contratulations for this impressing logbook.
Posted on GMT 03 January 2013, 10:02:58
hmosch says :
hey roland,
alles gute für´s neue jahr (auf diesem weg)!!!

hat ewas gedauert bis ich die korrekte www addresse hatte

komm gesund wieder, damit wir nachträglich (mit´m weißbier) anstossen können - servus horst
Posted on GMT 02 January 2013, 08:49:01