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ice-walk posted on 04 Jan 2013, 01:11 GMT

A restday

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On Ice



22 km  

2617 m above sea level

Thick Cloud Cover

Polar Plaateau Antarctica

-88.0196 / -80.0022

Day 39 & 40, Wednesday 2nd Jan 2013: The new year started with more sastrugi. The break never came, but he was very keen on breaking into the 88 parallel. This he did, but not without having to fight hard. It was a lot of zigzag and scaling sastrugi waves. It was a very cold day, so at least it kept him somewhat warm.
The day marked the first day he felt hungry during the day. This is something one hopes will not come. But in these extreme temperatures, constant headwind, big altitude and super hard work day in and day out, suddenly the reservoirs are empty. That is when the hunger comes as the body begs for more fuel. Roland eats about 6000 calories a day but his body burns probably between 8 and 10.000 depending on the days hardship. His body has shown very good mileage, but from now on he will have to dig deeper.
Wednesday dawned cloudy, very cold and windy. He felt drained after a very long period with super concentration on every step and conditions not giving a meter for free. With visibility low he decided to grant himself a bit more rest. As the day did not improve much he sat out the day and both the body and the mind really enjoyed the mini vacation. He ate some extra food, drank and slept and felt so very much better.

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