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ice-walk posted on 06 Jan 2013, 21:08 GMT

Light at the end of the tunnel?

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On Ice



46 km  

2718 m above sea level

Partly Cloudy

Polar Plaateau Antarctica

-88.4376 / -80.0281

Day 41 & 42, Friday 4th Jan: Thursday he did 22,7 km but again it was very rough going with the sastugi surprisingly high. A few patches of rest but for most of the day it was endless sastugi. He has found out that he can easily do 1 nautical mile in half an hour when out of the sastugi but uses 1 hour or more on the same distance in the sastugi. He is almost beyond being frustrated by the conditions as other teams report the same. It is dawning on the Polar community that this may be a special year.
So Friday was no change. Apart from clouds moving in and making the going even more difficult. Luckily the sastugi eased off a bit in the middle of the day, but as the clouds broke up they were back to normal. But he pushed hard and was very pleased with 23,55km. He is very focused on getting to the end of the sastugi. We have never heard of any real sastugi south of 88°30’ so we cross our fingers.

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