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ice-walk posted on 09 Jan 2013, 16:54 GMT

Not the Best of Days

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On Ice



44 km  

2761 m above sea level


Polar Plaateau Antarctica

-89.0506 / -79.8942

Day 44& 45, Monday 7th Jan: Even though Roland broke into the 89� and Last Degree the days can hardly be described as a feast. This last bit is normally just that. The sastugi is gone, the surface is smooth and even the wind starts to flicker around and may even give you a push from time to time, so distances are normally very good. The fact that The Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station is close is not really bad for motivation either�
But Roland did not get the break he had hoped for. First his stomach started to get unsettled. He worked feverously on in but he got diarrhea. This is bad new. One thing is going to the toilet in -30�C and a brisk breeze, just dashing out of the tent, performing a Formula One pitstop before shooting back into the tent again. It is quite another thing to have to shelter behind the sledge at every break to loose even more fluids. � Not amusing.
As if that was not enough. Sunday started out quite good, but late in the day the clouds moved in and it started to snow! Not funny. Snow in this temperatures, in this altitude is like sand. Amundsen galled it �fish-glue�. Immediately the Kevlar-Carbon high-tech super-light sledge transformed into a piano and it felt like the sled weight from the first days. Not amusing (2).
Bt he gave his all and ran like a rabbit between the stops. His form and mind is now absolutely ready for very long distances, but the two days only stopped the GPS at 24,1 and 20,3km. Not amusing (3).
But, while the weather was good on Sunday he got one amusement! All of a sudden the Antarctic Logistic Plane came past him and performed a low-pass! They must have spotted him while in the tent as they headed South, and as they returned from the Pole they probably wanted to surprise him. This they did BIG time and he was both shocked, thrilled, delighted and moved by their greeting! Very amusing (1).

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