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ice-walk posted on 09 Jan 2013, 17:06 GMT

Closing in

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On Ice



23 km  

2765 m above sea level

Partly Cloudy

Polar Plaateau Antarctica

-89.2560 / -80.0685

Day 46, Tuesday 8th Jan: He started taking Imodium. In these altitude and temperatures, and all this work, loosing a lot of fluids in diarrhea in not good. It is hard enough to drink enough water to compensate for breathing out a lot and sweating a lot while all the time altitude sickness is a real threat.
The pills seemed to work after a while, and even though the morning ritual was painfully slow and he was late out of the blocks, he felt much stronger and pushed like a madman. But a few extra stops (but only a few) and the 2 cm of super-glue new snow made it hard work. He could hardly believe the GPS as it only showed 23km by the end of the day. But he took a lot of encouragement from the effort he was able to put in. With a bit more than 80km left, he feels it would be possible to get there in two days, but his stomach and the slow snow will make that impossible. We’ll see. It is certainly getting very close!

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