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ice-walk posted on 11 Jan 2013, 20:22 GMT

Winter Wonderland

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On Ice



23 km  

2010 m above sea level

Thick Cloud Cover

Polar Plaateau Antarctica

-89.6444 / -77.3430

Day 48, Thursday 10th January: The day was a disappointment. He took care in the morning and was hopeful the stomach was under control and getting better. It was not.
Through the day it became gradually worse with several unplanned stops. Eventually he called it a day to prevent a disaster and thus logged only 20,3 kilometers.
The day was overcast with very little contest, bordering on whiteout, the surface was pretty smooth but still soft and then the wind gradually picked up making the hole thing a pretty cold ordeal. – He saw one of the Last Degree teams during the morning hours, but by midday they were too far behind to be seen.
This morning he heard on ominous sound on the tent. Snow? It couldn’t be? The South Pole has very little snow during the whole year. And he had snow also a couple of days ago! He heard the snow slide down and immediately knew it could be much harder to get to the Pole in two days. Peaking out on the 49th Day he saw a winter wonderland. Virgin white and untouched planes upon first glance. But his experience knew better, he looked at a fresh dumping of ‘fish-glue’, - the polar snow as slow as sand.

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