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ice-walk posted on 12 Jan 2013, 11:01 GMT


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On Ice



2871 km  

2010 m above sea level


Polar Plaateau Antarctica

-89.8397 / -62.9275

Day 49, Friday 11th January 2013: Roland got the job done yesterday in a long and difficult day. He has moved to 14 km from the ‘Antenna’ (see the photo) which is the landmark were he starts the approach to the Polar Station. From there it is 4 km to the very Geographical South Pole.
There are strict rules approaching, both due to scientific installations but also the fact that there is an iceway (runway) there for the Hercules Transport Aircrafts on skis that resupplies the station during the summer months. After a month and half in total isolation polar explorers may have forgotten to look left and right before crossing lanes with traffic, so you both have to follow a designated route and alarm the station that you are approaching. When they give the go-ahead, you may walk the last bit....
The plan was to be at the pole his afternoon (Chilean time – 4 hours behind Central European Time), but that now looks more like being early evening. He had a snowstorm last night, I which he had to bail out to clear and reposition his tent. This morning (Saturday) the conditions are very miserable and the camp is totally snowed down. This he takes another nap and will start later in the day.
But he seems 100% committed to getting the job done today, and will call in later to report on when he starts and the plan for the day.
The weather forecast ‘promises’ it will clear for light clouds, -28°C with a wind-chill factor of -42°C, blowing snow and ice-crystals in the air. – It could end as being a very beautiful last day of skiing I Antarctica.

Stay tuned, LArs

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