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ice-walk posted on 13 Jan 2013, 08:35 GMT


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On Ice



18 km  

2750 m above sea level


South Pole Antarctica

-90.0000 / -90.0000

Day 50, Saturday12th January 2013, 23:25 Chilean time zone: Just before midnight in the Chilean Sector did Roland reach the Geographical South Pole. He was greeted by staff from Antarctic Logistic Expeditions (ALE who do all the flying and operations) and people from the station. It was a very emotional moment, and he was very happy and pleased with his effort.
As it turns out he seems the only expedition to reach the South Pole unassisted and unsupported let alone solo. All the others who also have endured the freak conditions this year have had to get depots and resupplies flown in.
After his delayed start while the snowstorm died down, he first had to dig out his tent and sledge. That took a solid hour as 3-4 meter long ridge had built up behind the tent. Then the deep fish-glue snow made proceedings very hard. But the sun was out and he got into a good rhythm. After he hit the antenna, he followed what he called a waist of an unnecessarily long approach to the Station area. Half an hour and before midnight and 10 hours after starting out on the last leg, he stood by the ceremony Pole.
It clouded over and became bitterly cold again. So he just embraced everybody there, very happy to have been expected and met, took a few photos and the was invited into ALEs heated tent for a meal! That must have been like heaven. Then after a very, very long day he retreated to his own tent for a good sleep. He has positioned it so that he can see the Pole right out of the opening. Probably having to look a few times to really believe he is there. When you go like that for such a long time, it takes some time to reprogram the mind as it is so focused on concentrating, routine and progress. This will take some time to sink in.
He will call in when he wakes up, then we will find out what happenes next.
Many Congratulations!!!

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Michi123 says :
Super congratulation for the super job, it was nice to read all the adventure :-). Save trip back.
Happy day "Michi"
Posted on GMT 14 January 2013, 09:25:02
Kenichi_Goda says :
Nothing is impossible for you.
Posted on GMT 14 January 2013, 01:38:59
johannes1961 says :
Wow. Unglaublich! Herzliche Glückwünsche und Grüße vom Starnberger See. Johannes
Posted on GMT 13 January 2013, 20:24:53
luederpaysen says :
Posted on GMT 13 January 2013, 18:59:06
Wolfgang says :
Greetings from Russia - incredible! All the very best, Congratulations!
Posted on GMT 13 January 2013, 18:44:23
maurice says :
Well done! Did you find yourself? So that you can let it be now, because you've got it?
Posted on GMT 13 January 2013, 16:57:11
Marion says :
Posted on GMT 13 January 2013, 16:14:43
natsukonomura says :
Congratulations from JAPAN!
Posted on GMT 13 January 2013, 16:09:13