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ice-walk posted on 14 Jan 2013, 17:17 GMT


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On Ice



18 km  

2750 m above sea level


South Pole Antarctica

-90.0000 / -90.0000

Monday 14th January: yesterday was a great day. Roland was taken on a tour of the Amundsen-Scott South Pole Base. This is an ultra modern and high-tech facility. It is made for survival and could have been on the moon. During the isolation I the loooong winter months there are some 60 people overwintering and maintaining everything. In the summer period there are hundreds of scientists swarming around in this extraordinary environment for science. The Clean Air center is one of the most important on the globe. The super dry air with no vapor distortion make everything towards space ideal, and the mulit-kilometer thick ice is the perfect ground for digging up our past, and use as a shield for gathering information from the Big Bang! It is enough to make the head of a Solo-Polar-Explorer explode in excitement. – Roland was definitely, with his design and tech background, over the moon!
In the past the station was a Dome. But the Polar plains always wants to make a flat plane so it set about burying the Dome. When the second dome started to disappear they began building on pillars that can hack up the buildings. This saved a lot of digging..
So after tons of pictures, walking slowly (without a sledge) and eating served food SITTING on a chairs, the plane was approaching. By the afternoon he had packed the sledge and everything, said goodbye, boarded the DC3 on skis and set off for Union Glacier. It will be a scenic and emotional trip, looking down on all the sastugi, passing Theil Mountains that the looked at for a week, and then the endless plains.
At the station he, and a last Degree team that flies out on the same flight, will be met with a festive dinner to celebrate. – We may not hear anything more till tomorrow some time…

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