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ice-walk posted on 15 Jan 2013, 20:50 GMT

Back at Union Glacier

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On Ice




1200 m above sea level


South Pole Antarctica

-79.7833 / -82.8833

Tuesday 15th January: The flight back from the South Pole yesterday was great. The wind picked up in the afternoon, and by the time the plane took of it had scaled into a solid tailwind. In a record-breaking 2 hours and 50 minutes they halved the normal flying time!
At the base he pitched his tent and they all were greeted in the restaurant tent.
Today the wind stayed strong, and any hope that the Transporter plane would arrive early was dashed. Now all hopes are for the forecast to prove correct and that the wind will die down during the ‘night’. Then the Ilyushin IL76 will be dispatched to pick him and other explorers up and flown back to Punta Arenas.
ALE has in the meantime has given Roland a spear big tent. This way he can start packing everything down and ready it for the shipment home. His plan is to dash for home at the earliest possible moment. Now that his achievement has sunk in, he badly wants to see his kids and family.

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mcintosh says :
Congratulations from all of us at the English News team in Deutsche Welle, Bonn. Bravo Roland. Safe journey back home.
Posted on GMT 15 January 2013, 22:51:22