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ice-walk posted on 16 Jan 2013, 12:29 GMT

The return to Punta Arenas

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On Ice




1200 m above sea level


Union Glacier Antarctica

-79.7833 / -82.8833

Day 65 away from home, Wednesday 16th January: Yesterday was very windy with 40 knots wind and gusting. In fact it was so hard the had to drive the vehicles in from of the planes to secure them as they were afraid the wind could flip the planes around or damage them!
Anyway, today is much better and the wind is coming down all the time, so the flight to Punta has been scheduled for late this evening, probably landing some time after 21:00. This means he will not arrive in Chile till very early tomorrow morning (Chilean time).
If this works out his first chance to get homewards is early Friday morning.

There has been a lot of greetings. On the press side, the Worlds leading Expedition News site was quick to respond:
They later ran an interview with Roland by Correne Coetzer while he was at the South Pole.
This has been followed up by German journalist Stefan Nestler who have ran the stoy both at his blog and at the Deutsche Welle / Sportredaktion:

Other greeting apart from his Family and the watchful aunt Margarete:

Christian Eide says: Fantastic and many congratulations. That beer will be well deserved!

Michi123 says: Super congratulation for the super job, it was nice to read all the adventure :-). Save trip back. Happy day "Michi"

Kenichi_Goda says: Wow!! Congratulations!!!
Nothing is impossible for you.

Johannes1961 says: Wow. Unglaublich! Herzliche Glückwünsche und Grüße vom Starnberger See. Johannes

Lueder Paysen says: Congratulations

Eira, Noah, Tove and Lars: Fantastic! Many greetings from winter Norway!

Wolfgang says: Greetings from Russia - incredible! All the very best, Congratulations!

Maurice says: Well done! Did you find yourself? So that you can let it be now, because you've got it?

Inge Meløy: Impressive! You did it again – BUT one better. You are firmly in the books now with only 12-14 others on the world!!!

Marion says: Congratulations!!!!

Natsukonomura says: Congratulations from JAPAN!

I followed faithfully Lars' diary and every step of Roland, most grateful that the upset stomach was the most serious hardship, not underestimating former ones, he had to go through. Hopefully he survives all these dinner arrangements.
The whole trip was an adventure of the mind for me. Speculating. Trying to pay tribute to my own feet. imagining the unimaginable sky. (Only later did i realize that he might not have seen a single star.
A trip into one's mind and under the largest horizon you can find on this planet.
Thank you, Lars Ebbesen, for your faithful and sympathetic documentation and the many hours spent with it. Thank you, Roland, to let us share some of the experiences, with a central heating system (still) running.
Both of you leave me with an abundance of questions. But i will be modest and read Huntford again on the Amundsen and Scott expeditions.

A beautiful, emotional, explartive 2013 wishes both of you
Ana Koluth or Waltraut Heidenreich in Frankfurt am Main

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