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ice-walk posted on 21 Jan 2013, 14:02 GMT

The Final Chapter!

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Punta Arenas, Day 70 (away from home), Monday 21st January 2013: After days of uncertainty, technical issues on the plane, and even a storm gusting 50 knots on Saturday, The plane landed at Union Glacier Sunday evening. It was packed with explorers from all over Antarctica, caught up in this little delay.
So, Monday morning Roland was back in South America and by the time we headed for breakfast here I Europe, he headed for bed at around 03:30 in the morning.
When he wakes up he will organize his tickets home, finish packing his equipment, and ready it for being cargoed back home. Then it is goodbye to Adventure Logistics who have, as always, done a superb job for everybody who wants to visit this the least hospitable Continent on our Globe.
Tuesday morning he hopes to fly to Santiago and then across the Atlantic in the evening. If there are seats on the planed, he may arrive home Wednesday!
With that, this adventure is at an end. Some more interviews will pop up, and rightly so. For what Roland has done has only been performed by some 12-14 people ever. We knew it is long, cold and hard. We also know Antarctica is a colossal mental challenge. And this year we were taken aback by one of the toughest season in a long time.
He should, and have every right, to have smile on his face as he sleeps in a bed for the first time in over 2 months, knowing he is soon home to his family.

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ijuinmasa says :
Krueger-san, Great achievement! No other words. Back home safely. M. Ijuin
Posted on GMT 02 February 2013, 06:34:40